jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

estampar en movimiento

Revolution - Streettoolbox from pierre paslier on Vimeo.

"Revolution" turns your bike wheel into a rolling stamp. The stamps are 3D printed letters to clip on your wheel with a cable tie. Push the inking roll against the wheel to ink the letters and leave your message on the pavement. You can easily customize and 3D print all the parts you need.
All the instructions on http://streettoolbox.wikia.com/wiki/Revolution

Streettoolbox is a collaborative platform for activists providing new ways of public expression.

Concept: Pierre Paslier, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez
D.O.P: Guillaume Couche
Editing: Ozgun Kilic
Bike: Chan-Yu Ding
Thingiverse: Wei-Che Chang
Music: Brown Sugar - Persian Empire

una forma de estampar en relieve..... en movimiento!

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